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In the Healthcare arena we have been working with a number of leading institutions, from the Healthcare provider side as well as with Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology players.

Given the fast changes in the healthcare environment, our clients require to upgrade the capabilities of their organizations rapidly and effectively. In order to support them, we have built a strong healthcare knowledge within our core team and created a network of on-call experts. These experts cover relevant therapeutic areas as well as bring functional expertise in areas like Real-World-Evidence and hospital operations.


Global Pharmaceutical player, European base

• UK Headquarter, active in 100+ countries
• Specialty Care focus: Cardio-Vascular, Respiratory, Oncology, …
• Requirement to extend capabilities across various functions to demonstrate the clinical and economic value associated to the medicines

Global Japanese pharmaceutical player
  • EU Headquarter in the UK, with main activities in all top EU markets
  • Specialty care: CNS and Oncology
  • Increased role of the EU-Region and a pipeline of 5 launches over 3 years, required an upscaling of capabilities in Medical and many other functions
Global biotechnology player, Italy branch
  • Fast growing Biotechnology player, active in 100 + markets, with 15 Primary Research and Manufacturing sites
  • Focus on immunology, neuroscience, oncology and women’s health
  • Interest to further built the innovative and fast-pace culture across all market, in particular in new commercial functions
Nursing services provider, Italy 
  • HQ in Rome, Integrated Health Care provider
  • Nursing services and specialist support services designed for patients in line with therapy characteristics
  • New company with the need to define working procedures and develop innovative services
Hospital group, Italy

• 70 Rehabilitation clinics with 6.000 beds
• Mainly active in Italy; expansion in India and MEA
• International expansion plan asking for strengthening of managerial capabilities as well as codification of clinical practices








Building value demonstration capabilities for medical professionals
  • Requirement to demonstrate the value of the proposed medicines: Evidence-based, Real-World, Health Economics
  • Develop common language and 5 specific medical Best Practices
  • Learning journey for 200+ medical professionals and 100+ related colleagues
  • Measured impact on 50 Brand Plans across 14 markets in 10 months
Strengthening Evidence Management 
  • Requirement to improve planning and design of robust Evidence Generation Actions (across brands, 3 regions and 13 countries)
  • Develop practice of company-wide Evidence planning (local-regional-global)
  • Learning journey for central team, senior leaders & local market teams (≈ 490 professionals)
  • Generated 37 studies, across 10 brands, of investment in excess of $50M per year
Insightful Medical Plans for launch brands
  • Create a Medical Plan outline based on internal expertise and experiences
  • Leverage virtual collaboration across 6 time zones to learn and deliver key components of one Medical Affairs plan
  • Recognition for the first effective launch-ready Medical plan within 6 month
  • Creation of company blueprint of Medical Plan and training of Medical Working groups of other brands for application







Launch of a Global Medical Academy
  • Requirement to build stronger confidence and capabilities for over 1.200 medical personnel on a global scale
  • Creation of a Medical Academy with the purpose to foster scientific understanding on relevant disease areas as well as key engagement capabilities
  • Design key academy elements including Learning approach, infrastructure and platform, governance and learning community
  • Creation of integrated Learning Journeys, e.g. “How to use scientific data for Medicine X to engage key stakeholders in a real dialogue”
  • Overall feedback from 1.200 medical professionals from 77 Countries: “A unique institution matching our learning needs”
Capability Building to transform the Medical community
  • Requirement to define a common way of working across EU and market medical teams (150 professionals)
  • Development of company own practices in key medical contribution areas: Evidence, Insights, Stakeholder Management, Patient engagement, …
  • Design and implementation of blended learning journeys: classroom trainings, online learning, on-the-job support tools
  • Resulting in improved Brand plans with strong recognition of Medical professional contributions
Making “Field Market Access” work well
  • Requirement to establish a local Market Access function, well-integrated with other Commercial functions (>100)
  • Develop MA working practices and cooperation mechanism with other field functions: Medical, Government Affairs, Sales.
  • Sequential learning journeys for priority topics: best practice development and immediate learning application per each topic
  • All of the Best practice topics applied successfully by more 80% of professionals within 3 months after training
Building managerial capabilities for “Medics as hospital managers”
  • Requirement to create more managerial autonomy across the 20 Hospital Directors
  • Integrated Learning Journey of work shop sessions and individual online training, addressing managerial and operational topics
  • Acquisition of managerial techniques like “cost controlling” and “lean organization”, leading to new business opportunities and cost reduction