Our Offer

Business leaders that work with us recognize a real learning need of their organization that is fundamental to drive their business success. They are looking for building key capabilities and an innovative change that really lasts. They know they need a people driven approach that leads their organization to excellence.

Build Capabilities.

We support organizations to build their core capabilities: developing their own internal Best Practice, creating effective Learning journeys and generating impact through on-the-job application.

Benefit & Results


  • Codified “Best Practice” that describes effective methods in Company own language (“Our way…”)
  • High enthusiasm and fondness across the organization
  • Company-wide application of new method by more than 80% of people
  • Significant business impact e.g. +50% sales performance

Best For


  • Organizations with transformation or learning needs
  • Commercial structures, any professional functions like scientist, technology expert or HR professionals
  • Professionals of all levels: front-line, middle manager, executives


Duration of a typical initiative: 6-9 months 

Key Phases of the Capability Building initiative:

  1.  Capability Diagnostic (1 month)
  2. Best Practice Development (2-3 months)
  3. Learning Journey & Best practice
    Application (3-6 months)

Target Group


  • Minimum: 20 people
  • Typical: 100 – 1.000 people
  • Maximum: No limits encountered so far


  • Front-line people
  • Professionals
  • Middle Managers
  • Executives


  • Single or multiple languages
  • Typically: EU – wide organizations
  • Global approaches possible










Grow leadership.

We design and implement effective Leadership Learning Programs and spot interventions, tailor-made for your organisation, including “Executive Mini-MBAs”, “Leadership Workshops” and “Executive Coaching”.


Executive “Mini-MBA”

We design and implement tailor-made Leadership Executive programs.
Modular design of online and classroom sessions, provided by world-class facilitators, directly connected with on-the-job-application.

Benefit & Results

  • Develop qualified internal candidates for leadership roles
  • Increased loyalty and retention of talent
  • Growing leadership understanding and skills
  • Life changing experiences

Best For

  • Organizations aiming at identifying, growing and nurturing their future leaders
  • Junior executives, middle managers and other high potentials in preparation for further leadership roles


1. Diagnostic of target group and required leadership development (1-2 month)

2. Design of Leadership Journey and key program components: e.g.

  • 6-9 weekly modules over 9 months, classroom and online sessions
  • Tailor-made learning modules on company specific focus
  • Integrated team project on real business challenge

3. Delivery of pilot edition (and further editions, if required)

  • Coordination of instructors, coaches and other teaching staff
  • Accompany first executive development group
  • Certification by leading learning institutions

Target Group


  • 24 or more participants
  • All at similar career stages
  • Same or different nationalities (english as common language)

Strategic Leadership Workshop

We support leadership teams in their efforts to align and to grow together.
Often the achievement of a critical task at hand goes together with a joint learning during the interactive, tailor-made workshop sessions.

Benefit & Results


  • Concrete business output, e.g. company strategy developed
  • Strong leadership team alignment and increased individual awareness
  • Strong team commitment, concrete action plans and clear follow-up

Best For


  • Leadership teams “in trouble” or “ready to step up”
  • New leader or new team set-up
  • Teams with challenging business tasks at hand


Workshop design:

  • Duration of 2-4 days
  • Typically offsite
  • Practical and highly interactive group sessions
  • Typical ingredients: live visualization, performance games, post-it/metaplan techniques, video and other media creation

Pre-workshop diagnostic and top executive interviews

Post workshop implementation  support for defined actions available

Target Group

  • Leadership teams of all types
  • Between 10 and 100 participants
  • English (or any other common european language) or simultaneous traslation

Executive coaching

We support learning and change also through group or individual coaching.
Our business coaches are supporting projects as well as offering independent Spot-Coaching.

Benefit & Results


  • Improved individual performance of coachee and stronger team integration
  • Stronger team understanding and alignment
  • Domino effect for the company transformation

Best For


  • Leaders who benefit of individual coaching:
    – to address personal challenges
    – to leverage a growth opportunity
  • Leadership teams searching for stronger alignment on values and behaviors
  • Organizations with change initiatives encountering individuals as obstacles


To be defined with your coaches. In person or video based.

Target Group

  • Individual or groups up to 20 people











Develop Academies.

We support the design, start-up and evolution of your Business Academy reaching your people locally and globally, in the real and virtual world.

Benefit & Results


  • Internal Academy with recognized business impact
  • Effective learning journeys with measurable business impact
  • Repeatable blended learning approaches that work
  • Self-standing Academy team equipped with key capabilities

Best For

Type of Academies

  • Existing Academies: Looking for more effective or economic learning approaches
  • To-be-developed Academies: From idea to implementation

Type of learner

  • Professionals at any level
  • From sales person to scientific researcher




Time and effort required strongly dependent on situation.

Typical Academy development initiative:

  • Duration: 4-6 months
  • Key development phases:
    Phase 1: Learning needs analysis and impact diagnostic (1 month)
    Phase 2: Academy Strategy Development: scope, learning approach, governance and technologies (1 months)
    Phase 3: Design and delivery of learning modules, in person and online (1-3 month)
    Phase 4: Design and implementation of learning impact measurement system (1 months)









Our Clients

We work with ambitious leaders in all types of businesses. Their organization might be already a leader in their industry or it might be struggling but they strive to become make it a leader tomorrow. They know that among their people a vast experience base and expertise exists and is waiting to be unlocked.
We bring the tools and methods to unlock the internal best practice and to make the organization learn, whatever the business context.
We are are proud to have worked in the following sectors:

Pharmaceutical global players, Europe
Nursing services provider, Italy
Biotechnology global player, Europe
Hospital group, Italy
Financial Service

Innovative retail bank, Italy
Global insurance group, Germany
Card Service Player, Europe
Investment Bank, Europe

ITC & Technology
IT services, Europe
Telecom Services, Italy & Europe
Maritime technology research, Italy
Luxury & Fashion
Eyewear global player, Italy
Fashion house, Italy
Engineering & Energy
Oil exploration company, Africa & UK
Global Engineering company, Italy
Energy provider, Italy & Europe
Transportation & Tourism
Tourism authority, Italy
Flagship carrier, EU
Non Profit Organizations
Global defence organization, Europe
UN agency, Italy
Interior Ministry, MEA