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Uwe Niehaus



Uwe is the Founder and Managing Director of BPI.
Uwe plays an active role in engagements with our most important clients as well as driving the development of our learning consulting approach. He seems never tired to underline the importance of our “Do & Understand Learning Philosophy” which influences almost everything we do in BPI.
As a former Management Consultant and Manager, he recognizes the incredible strength and practicality of the internal best practices emerging “bottom-up” from the client work groups: Basically every time showing the “power of the people”.


“I am passionate about learning and to give my contribution to individuals as well as organizations to discover how learning in business settings can be the driver of change.
Seeing a team succeeding in building new ways of working and reaching high performance levels and deeper personal satisfaction, makes me proud of our work.
I feel privileged to be working with some of the world’s leading organisations to help them achieve their ambitions.”